About Aeroiuris

Detailed information about the Firm, including our history and relevant information about our staff.

History of Aeroiuris

AEROIURIS ABOGADOS, founded in Spain in 1997, was the first law firm dedicated EXCLUSIVELY to aviation law in the country. Since its creation, when it already represented relevant airlines which drove the development of air transport in Spain, its volume of work has increased substantially, not only as to the number of customers, but also as to the expansion of subjects related to aviation law. Thus, it has responded to the needs arising during the historical development and branching occurred in numerous legal fields as a result of the expansion of air transport in Spain.

Through the numerous law-related services it has provided, AEROIURIS has contributed decisively to put its customers in line with global international trends in contracting and financing and, therefore, to position those customers at the same level (or better) than other international entities, advised by large foreign firms.