Legal Services

The high degree of loyalty of our clients, reflected in over ten years of intense and continued legal services having been provided to some, fills us with great pride and satisfaction and is the highest acknowledgement of our constant dedication and of the quality of our work.


  • All kinds of airlines, national, EU and third countries, engaged in commercial air transport, regular, charter, business aviation or executive aviation.
  • Drafting and proposal of letters of intent; negotiation of agreements on all types of legal business related to aircraft, adapted to the interests of the parties
  • Relationship with manufacturers, financial institutions and insurance companies in the field of international aviation.
  • Drafting of all kinds of pap ers and legal documents related to aircraft, airports and aviation insurance, both privately as between the parties and representing them before the Public Administration.
  • Air industry representation before the Spanish Aviation Authority to promote the signing of bilateral traffic rights agreements with other countries.
  • Continuing and ongoing relationship with the Spanish Agency for Aviation Safety (EASA) for all types of events and administrative records, such as:
  1. Constitution of airlines, including writing, producing and compiling the necessary documentation for obtaining the operating license.
  2. Repossession of aircraft, including deregistration and physical repossession, as well as coordinating all administrative and judicial actors, both domestic and foreign.
  3. Processing of the appointment of a Spanish or foreign company for the purpose of performing certain routes on a bilateral agreement of traffic rights, in order to meet the expectation of opening new air routes.
  4. Processing at the EASA Aircraft Registry of any administrative file, such as aircraft registration or deregistration and change of ownership.
  5. Aircraft registration in the Provincial Movable Property Registry of Madrid.