Legal Services

The high degree of loyalty of our clients, reflected in over ten years of intense and continued legal services having been provided to some, fills us with great pride and satisfaction and is the highest acknowledgement of our constant dedication and of the quality of our work.

Professional Consulting Services

Collaborative agreement with strategic consulting services with a global vision of the business from different perspectives:

From a financial standpoint we develop:

1. Financial planning and optimisation with the aim to improve the efficiency of the company:

- Cost analysis and cost reduction proposals.
- Analysis of direct and indirect economic influx generated by the main activity of the company.
- Analysis of the company’s potential ability to generate additional revenue.
- Cash management.
- Financial restructuring and analysis of the payments and charges structure.
- Currency forecasting for insurance and economic optimisation purposes.
- Banking negotiation.
- Cost saving analysis and control.
- Supporting daily financial management matters.

2. Business analysis:

- Market and product research.
- Developing niches in the market and identifying market opportunities.
- SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats).
- Internationalisation procedures.
- Staffing.
- Budgeting.

3. Marketing and Communications:

- Analysis of corporate communications procedures.
- Commercial communications.
- Corporate image.
- Developing commercial brands and corporate websites.
- Developing internet - positioning services.
- Developing logos.
- Supporting advertising campaigns.
- Communication and news coverage in the media, press, radio and television.
- Developing promotional marketing materials.
- Developing merchandising.

4. Human Resources:

- Supporting the management of Human Resources.
- Functional analysis of employment positions.
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