Quality Policy

The ongoing goal of our organisation is to ensure the highest quality to our customers. For this reason, Aeroiuris partners are aware of the benefits that improving quality at all levels of the organisation to the excellent legal services and advice in the aeronautical industry. Considering that we are in optimal conditions to generate these changes, we propose, taking on the obligation of our responsibilities and contributing the knowledge and infrastructure acquired over the years, combining all our efforts to establish a Quality Management System based on the requirements of the UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2008.

We aim to be a company focused on process management, ensuring control and improving them in order to seek the satisfaction of our customers.

Aeroiuris constant goal LAWYERS SLP to foster a culture of continuous improvement in all processes involved in the provision of our legal services and counseling, are deployed through specific objectives management has established and periodically reviewed .

Specifically, Aeroiuris Management Policy defined SLP LAWYERS:

Increase customer satisfaction with professional services in the field of legal services and advice in the aviation and aerospace industry.

Efficient allocation of roles and responsibilities so that the concept of quality is present at all levels of the organization and activities.

Develop and motivate staff, which are perfectly specialised in the field of legal services in the aeronautical and aerospace industries, the importance of the implementation and development of the Quality System, ensuring their training for the proper performance of their activities within the organization .

Implement and maintain internal management measures and control to meet the legal, regulatory and customer, and continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system and ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

Considering these guidelines, the management reiterates its firm commitment to working towards achieving these goals, so that this policy is understood, implemented and kept up to date at all levels of the organization.

Madrid 28 de septiembre de 2012.
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